C’est la Vie – Rooftop Restaurant


Where The Earth And Sky Unite,
And Everything Comes To Life

C’est la Vie
Rooftop Restaurant

C’est la vie invites you to join a premium culinary adventure that caters to both food enthusiasts and social event seekers while enjoying beautiful views of Cluj-Napoca from our rooftop restaurant.

The menu has a contemporary twist on Mediterranean cuisine infused with Japanese influences, crafted with passion and global inspiration. Embracing the essence of social dining, we encourage warm connections and create unforgettable moments. Experience the thrill of cocktail craftsmanship at our bar, where creativity comes alive. Join us for an extraordinary fusion of exquisite flavors, and pure joy.

Our Menus

Where flavors turn into an explosion of sensations

Having lunch or dinner at C’est la Vie is like being invited into the kitchen of a true bon vivant, where you become part of the story behind the food that is served. With the open kitchen concept, you can directly connect with our skilled chefs, who are always open to curiosity and will make you feel at home.

We take pride in utilizing rustic cooking methods, including a charcoal oven, and sourcing sustainable ingredients from our nearby area.

Additionally, we specially procure fresh fish from Greece and Italy to ensure the highest quality and authentic flavors.

My motto has always been "quality over everything". I believe that every dish should be a reflection of the finest ingredients and the most attentive care.

Chef Florin Revesz

Where the bar turns into a stage for cocktail craftsmanship

At our bar, mixology becomes an art form as the bar turns into a stage for cocktail craftsmanship. Talented bartenders take center stage, skillfully blending ingredients, flavors, and spirits to create masterpieces in every glass. Experience the alchemy unfold before your eyes as they turn a collection of ingredients into a symphony of taste and presentation.

Where evenings turn into the heartbeat of the city

At C’est La Vie, excellent dinners turn into legendary parties. Our restaurant becomes a hub of activity, drawing in locals and visitors alike who seek an escape from the ordinary. The vibrant energy pulsates through every corner, capturing the essence of urban life and infusing it into our establishment. Join us as we turn the city’s evenings into an extraordinary celebration of life.

Opening Hours

C'est la Vie Rooftop Restaurant

Mon: 17:00 – 24:00
Tue-Sun: 12:00 – 24:00
*Last food order at 10:30 PM

Table will be held for 10 mins from the reserved time.